Breeze Bengals

Looking for available Bengal Cats in Canada? Breeze Bengals is a TICA registered cattery located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, but we have Bengal cats in the surrounding areas including, Edmonton, Calgary, and other provinces across Canada. You can also find me, Sabrina Hewer, on TICA’s registered breeder list. We have a small breeding program and […]

Lapinerie Clapier Lapinet Doucet Rabbitry

Our goal at Clapier Lapinet Doucet Rabbitry is to raise dwarf rabbits with physical, mental and moral respect. We are looking for families as caring as us to adopt the little ones who cannot be dedicated to the Show and the breeding plan. We set ourselves high selection criteria both in terms of compliance and […]

Élevage de hérissons

We have been a fan of these little balls of woodpeckers since my earliest childhood. As an animal health technician who graduated from Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe, I take the health of my little ones to heart. As a breeder, I want to find the best family for each baby who will be able to take […]

Flying Phalanger volant ML

Breeding of flying phalanx in a family environment. He belongs to the kangaroo family, he is a gliding marsupian he will be happy with 2 or more and they will need a large cage for jumping and adequate equipment so that he can run safely. Exotic nocturnal animal that has a longevity of life of […]

Mon Petit Sugar Love – Phalanger volant (sugar glider) au Québec

Mon Petit Sugar Love is a small family breeder of sugar gliders with pedigree and excellent lineage. We have classic grey, white face, white faced blonde, leucistic (white fur), mosaic, cremeino, black face, black beauty and TPM platinum breeding adults. Bred and raised in a loving family environment, we offer the best home and optimal […]

Elevage Désertéric

The objective of Desertéric is to provide its customers with reptiles in perfect health, born in captivity if possible, and which correspond to your needs, budgets and expectations. In order to provide ideal well-being to your companion without the cold, only high quality accessories, feeder insects and frozen rodents will be available. In order to […]

Clapier des merveilles & Chinchillas

Active since 2018, the goal of our breeding is to reproduce animals of quality and in full health! We are also part of the rare breeders in Canada and Quebec to have ANGORAS chinchillas! We also have several mutations available. Our main mutations are ebony and mosaic. We also have beige, black velvet standard, tan. […]

Choco-Vanille – Chinchillas Breeder

Breeding of chinchillas with pedigree… A passion that has lasted since 1997…. A first in Quebec, the CHINCHILLA ANGORA, is a beauty. You can come and see Princess Adelissa Vom Krotënhof in person at the Salons des animaux exotiques du Québec in Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, Chicoutimi and Gatineau. My main goal is to adequately […]

Élevage Python Royal Domine Regius

Domine Regius is a royal python breeding located in Mont-Laurier in the Laurentians. As a breeder, I am dedicated to the breeding of the phased python regius. Thoughtful, my goal is to create original phases, and to work on them, in order to offer a selection of superior quality royal python.

Axolotls – Monstres d’eau Douce Breeder

Axolotls – Monstres d’eau douce has been a family and passionate breeding farm for more than 5 years. Bred in optimal conditions, with all the required care and well fed, our Acolotls are in perfect health. We are located in Repentingy and delivery is possible anywhere in Canada. Our kennel does as much business with […]