Mon Petit Sugar Love – Phalanger volant (sugar glider) au Québec

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Breeds: Sugar glider

Mon Petit Sugar Love is a small family breeder of sugar gliders with pedigree and excellent lineage. We have classic grey, white face, white faced blonde, leucistic (white fur), mosaic, cremeino, black face, black beauty and TPM platinum breeding adults.

Bred and raised in a loving family environment, we offer the best home and optimal care possible, to ensure the best development of healthy and happy sugar gliders. Our sugar gliders are handled with love and attention every day, giving them a much socialized affection and trust with humans. They benefit from an excellent balanced diet for their particular needs. Sugar gliders are rare exotic animals that are only found from private breeders and can not be bought in pet stores.

Laval, Québec H7M 5E2, Canada, Quebec H7M 5E2
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Phone: (514) 213-2549
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