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Breeds: Havana Brown, Khao Manee, Bengal

Our cats Bengal, Havana Brown and Khao Manee are first and foremost our pets. The kittens and their parents live freely with us in the house, in a cage-free environment. Of course, the Males live separately from the Females, there are rooms dedicated to the Females, and other rooms for the Moms who have just given birth to their kittens (Maternity).

We take the health and well-being of our cats to heart, that's why our Moms only have one or two litters a year. We put the quality of our litters ahead of quantity.

One of our main concerns is the sociable and affectionate character of our kittens. Also, they are handled every day, from the first days following the birth, in order to make sure of their good temperament.

Rue des Sapins, Drummondville, Saint-Nicéphore, QC J2A 1V7, Canada, Quebec J2A 1V7
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Phone: (819) 818-4247
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