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Breeds: Tamworth pigs

Our weaners are given access to the great outdoors right from birth. Since they are a heritage breed, they take a bit longer to grow to market weight than commercial pigs but they are well worth the wait. We sell our weaners at six to eight weeks old, males are castrated and they are all tagged in accordance with Pig Trace regulations.

MacLachlan Meadows we raise pigs from "farrow to finish". Our sows are purebred Tamworths as well as our boar, Themistocles. We raise our pigs as naturally and as humanely as possible. We don't dock tails, clip wolf teeth or use farrowing crates. Our pigs have several acres to roam and forage as they please, therefore we sell our meat as "free range pork". They have shelters which they are free to go in and out of as they desire. Pigs don't mind snow, but they don't like really cold weather and will stay in their little houses snuggled in their straw "pig nests".

904 Kennedy Rd, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0, Canada, Ontario K0G 1J0
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Phone: (613) 258-6408
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