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Breeds: Erminette, Cou Cou de Malines, Black Copper Marans, Cream Brabanter, Silverrudd’s Blue Isbar, Isabella Leghorns, Lemon Pyle Brahmas, Bantam Calico Cochins, Bobtail Bantam Cochins, Serama

We start with heritage breeds, not modern hybrids which are genetically engineered for factory farms. Some of the poultry breeds we have are new to Canada, other breeds are in the project stage. Project stage is where you can help, it is where we have a new colour of a specific breed and now need to work on improving the bird conformation to meet the APA standard.

Our poultry and animals are provided with the best of everything. They live in free range settings amidst lush green grass, valleys and mountains. We have the best water in B.C. for them to drink. Our chickens are fed Whole Earth feed. We give them plenty of room to grow and roam and thereby act according to their natural inclinations. Our chickens live in large pens with comfortable coops or free-range. Our cows graze on natural grass untouched by synthetic fertilizers or herbicides.

Chilliwack, BC, Canada, British Columbia
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