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Breeds: North Country Cheviot sheep, Canadian horses, Partridge Chantecler chicke

Our focus has been on breeding purebred heritage breeds of horses, sheep and chickens. The breeds we have selected are Canadian horses, Partridge Chantecler chickens and Tunis sheep. We have chosen these breeds because of their well-deserved reputation for hardiness, longevity and ability to thrive on a pasture based system of farming.

Hawk Hill is dedicated to the breeding and promotion of heritage breed livestock. We have chosen to do this not only for the global benefit to agricultural biodiversity but to our farm’s benefit of having hardy animals that thrive on low input production methods that improve the environment of our farm. And yes pasturing livestock done right puts carbon back into the soil. We want to be part of the solution.

County Rd 24, Dunvegan, ON K0C 1J0, Canada, Ontario K0C 1J0
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Phone: (613) 527-1897
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